Rosebank Cottage

Rosebank Cottage is a building of considerable historic importance to the people of Liverpool and cherished by many with an interest in our built European heritage. It is located in Speed Street, Liverpool, and is owned by Liverpool City Council. It is described as a “two-storey intact Italianate Victorian residence” and is a good example of a late 19th Century ‘Victorian Filigree’ style.


A contract for its construction was issued in 1882 and the construction was completed in 1893. Varney Parkes, the son of Henry Parkes, designed the building. It has two storeys, with a tower on its east side. It also has a steep hipped roof, with a bull-nosed veranda roof. A two-storey structure with flat roof sheeting was added to the western elevation in the 1950s.


It has been subject to a number of uses over the years. The home was the residence of two former Liverpool Mayors, Louis Haigh and Martin Christiansen. In 1930 the building was bought by Rev. William Bain and renamed Queen’s College. This was a day and boarding school for girls and young boys that continued up until 1957.


Speed Street was engulfed by multi-storey unit development in the 1960s and 1970s, and council purchased the property to prevent it going the way of so many other elements of Liverpool’s built European heritage.


Compiled by Olev Muska


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Speed Street (top end), Liverpool


Rosebank, Speed Street, Liverpool (Liverpool Heritage Collection)

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